As a Sustainability Marketing and Business Development firm, we bring a combined 35+ years experience of innovative marketing, technology, reset strategy, branding, web development, social media, SEO, public relations and digital services.  We are dedicated to serving each client as a long-term partner. 

ALEE DIGITAL employs a reset-focused consulting model for helping clients and organizations achieve their vision, mission and core values through our services, packages and our popular plan, Digital Mix and Launch.   We are inspired by digital marketing, reset strategies and clarity regarding client preferences, vision, goals and desired outcomes. ALEE DIGITAL assumes a collaborative approach with clients.  We assist in the consulting process from beginning to end.  When we are involved in the creative strategy, the chances are significantly increased that results of the digital marketing, brand strategy and business development services will be successful.  

There are no “right” solutions to specific problems that can be applied to all people and organizations; therefore, each individual and organization is unique and so also, each solution.  ALEE DIGITAL stresses the importance of creating collaborative consulting relationships.  By acknowledging our expertise in creating a context for a reset, we stress that clients are the experts of their own domains, both professional and personal, and often have a good sense of what has or has not worked in the past and what might work in the future.  

What our clients love most about us is the very thing that brought us into existence.  We have a unique ability to wrap our heads around just about any business marketing challenge, cut to the chase, get it done and results. 

Meet Ashlee

Growth Marketer, Brand Builder & Digital-Detox Curator

What happens when a free-spirited, creative soul has the ability to naturally grasp complex business concepts, synthesize them into plain English and clearly define a plan of action for achieving goals?  You get ALEE DIGITAL, the creation of Ashlee.  

With over 20 years of innovative marketing solutions and digital and business development experience, Ashlee’s clients include a unique blend of small to large scale businesses.  An entrepreneur, former Chief Marketing Officer, philanthropist and an undeniable optimist dedicated to building, managing and scaling businesses.  With a long history of success within the marketing industry, Ashlee personally started businesses of her own, launched a software start-up, held senior executive roles at a financial firm as Director of Marketing and co-creator of an in-house nonprofit organization specializing in Seniors and their adult children, Chief Marketing Officer of a rapidly growing national retail company, worked for amazing leaders (and terrible ones), built teams and developed herself in the process. 

In 2009, Ashlee launched and grew her agency by using social media and digital marketing.  As a Reset Strategist, Alee has been instrumental in leading solo entrepreneurs, start-ups and medium size businesses in their development and growth both organically and through acquisitions in a wide range of industries, including technology, construction, beauty, medical providers, retail, art, non-profit organizations and personal branding for executives and founders.  

She focuses on growing small businesses to large corporations through operational excellence across client services, product innovation and technology.  We also serve as the marketing engine for select small to midsize companies that embrace marketing but don’t want to staff up. 

- ashlee

Industry-Focused Experience

No Matter where you’re at in your business journey, we’ve got custom packages, resources, templates or a la carte services. Choose the path that best suits you.

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over 20 years of Sustainability marketing and Business Development

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