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Custom Digital Marketing

What is a Virtual CMO?

Designed for Business Leaders, Sales and Marketing

Virtual CMO, a strategic marketing and reset consultant, will assess your current marketing approach and build a Revenue Marketing Game Plan focused on demand generation.  It’s a proven program that increases the marketing contribution to sales and maximizes your marketing ROI. 

As a former Chief Marketing Officer, Ashlee is a senior-level marketer that offers strategic marketing services allowing you to discover your business goals, create marketing plans and campaigns to reach them and execute these strategies without having the need to hire a full-time staff.

Virtual CMO

Custom Monthly Plan:

Audit & Research

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Digital Marketing

Website Development & Management

Data & CRM

Content Strategy & Design

Consistent branding

Integrated Campaigns

Social Media


Media Relations

Specialty Events

Note: Virtual CMO is included in the Digital Mix Plan

Industry-Focused Digital Marketing

The Process


Consult Call

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Research and Development

Research and Create engaging content, lead generators, new/revise website and an email marketing campaign that piques the interest of your audience.


Distribute and Promote

Promote it where your audience hangs out online. Evaluate SEO.


Data and On-Going Marketing

Use the resulting data to drive insights for future content creation

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High-performing websites, sales strategies and digital marketing mix programs and tools to get you Real Results in 3 short months.


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